World Championships – 26-Oct-2012

Time Format

Quarter Final 1: Pankaj dominates his compatriot and defeats him by huge victory margin.

Pankaj Advani

Rupesh Shah of India, who performed well in points format, failed to create any magic in time event while playing against his compatriot and former world champion Pankaj Advani. Pankaj took the driving seat since from the start of  the match and kept producing good century breaks to keep Rupesh off the table. By the time the first session of 90 minutes was over, Pankaj was leading by 551 points.

It was a similar situation in the second session with Rupesh having nothing much to do and only managed to produce a break of 199 points before bowing down to a brilliant performance and mammoth score of 1647 points from Advani.

Quarter Final 2

Dhruv Sitwala

On the adjacent table again there was another all-Indian contest where Dhruv Sitwala managed to take the match to a photo-finish in the last half minute. He outplayed Sourav Kothari by a mere 4 points. Sourav, who was maintaining a small but steady lead throughout the match, failed to carry the same in the closing moments. He gave Dhruv a  final chance in the last 6 minutes to score 40 points. Dhruv played patiently all the shots and scoring point after point managed to overtake Kothari’s score by 2 points but then he missed the red in-off. Instantly Kothari jumped out of the seat to play the white ball in-off but in doing so he played the shot whilst red was still in motion. The referee called that foul and awarded the match in favour of Dhruv.  However, the decision remains controversial as to whether the red was actually still in motion.

Dhruv will play Pankaj Advani in the semi final match tomorrow morning.

Quarter Final 3

Mike Russell

During the morning spectators were gathering near table no.2 to witness the ‘clash of the titans’. Both these legends, Mike Russell and Geet Sethi have played against each other many times but the charm of witnessing a match with them is still there.

In today’s match, Geet had a good start and had an initial break of 198 followed by 78, 73 and 86 points to obtain a handsome lead of more than 250 points in the first half of session one. Russell had to work hard to recover from that deficit but he did so by producing two breaks of 212 and 145 (unfinished) and stepped ahead by 69 points at the end of session 1.

In session 2, he continued with his unfinished break of 145 points but managed to add only 20 points before giving Geet a chance. Geet was little dicey on a couple of shots and returned leaving an inviting poor position for Mike who capitalized and produced a break of 482 points leaving Sethi in his trail. Mike came out with another break of 98 points before the match finished in his favour 1345-739.

Quarter Final 4

Matthew Bolton

Tournament favourite David Causier from England was seen struggling against the controlled game from Matthew Bolton from Australia. Matthew did no mistakes and had a steady start in the session one to lead by 300+ points lead over Causier.

Causier came back with breaks of 97, 110 and 85 in the second session but by that time it was too late and Matthew sealed the match comfortably by a 346 points victory margin.

Semi Final Line Up:

Pankaj Advani (India) vs. Dhruv Sitwala (India)
Matthew Bolton (Australia) vs. Mike Russell (Qatar)