We have recently reviewed and updated our Terms and Conditions which will apply to all World Billiards events going forward. Players agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions when entering an event.

In particular, we draw your attention to the following changes:

Entry Fees

We have made the decision to make a small increase to entry fees. This is the first increase for seven years and will ensure that our prize money levels remain sustainable, taking into account the costs that are incurred in running our events. Level 5 events remain at £80.

Level 6 events

We have added a new event level for the World Championship and World Matchplay. These will now be level 6 events with triple ranking points and a minimum £10,000 prize pool for each event when staged by WBL.


Please note that the position on match concessions is clarified in 1.9.6.

You can read the full document here.

If you have any feedback on these Terms and Conditions, you are invited to email jason.colebrook@world-billiards.com

We look forward to seeing you at events in 2021. We are currently working on a provisional calendar, further details will be announced when available.