UK Championship History

Below is a list of UK Championship winners from 1934 to present.

1934Joe Davis
1935Joe Davis
1936Joe Davis
1937Joe Davis
1938Joe Davis
1939Joe Davis
1940-45No Contest
1946John Barrie
1947Joe Davis
1948Sidney Smith
1949No Contest
1950John Barrie
1951Fred Davis
1952-78No Contest
1979Rex Williams
1980Jack Karnham
1981Rex Williams
1982Fred Davis
1983Mark Wildman
1984-86No Contest
1987Norman Dagley
1988Ian Williamson
1989Mike Russell
1990Mike Russell
1991Mike Russell
1992Robby Foldvari
1993Robby Foldvari
1994Mike Russell
1995Subhash Agarwal
1996Mike Russell
1997Mike Russell
1997Geet Sethi
1998Mike Russell
1999Roxton Chapman
2000David Causier
2001David Causier
2002-2014No Contest
2015Roxton Chapman

2016            Rob Hall

Please note that the above list may not be 100% accurate as it has been compiled from various sources, some of which give conflicting information. Years 1979 – 2000 are engraved on the trophy, but the pre 1979 and early 2000 winners are a subject for debate. If anyone has information to back up these records (or otherwise) we would be interested in hearing from you.