Statement regarding the forthcoming AGM of the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS)

We regret to inform Billiards enthusiasts and cue sports fans everywhere that the ACBS is yet again planning action that will obstruct the rights and opportunities of players and referees to freely pursue their chosen sport.
Constitutional amendment motions to be voted on at the 15th March AGM in Doha include:

– A ban on Asian countries being members of any other cue sports organisations.
– A proposal that ACBS executive officers can make new by-laws that “will come into effect immediately” and “Any disagreement on the interpretation of any of the provisions of the ACBS Constitution, or ACBS By-Laws, The Executive Officers have the right to present their point of view on the subject, and its interpretation is final and acceptable to all parties and shall not be subject to appeal”.

It is beyond belief that the board of the ACBS believes these proposals are reasonable – it seems they do not understand the principles of good governance and natural justice and chose to ignore the Olympic Charter’s call for all people to be able to practice sport free from discrimination.
World Billiards urges the ACBS member countries to oppose these proposals and urges players from those countries to contact your associations and voice your concerns. Sadly, this is yet another example of the ACBS board showing they are more interested in power than in what is good for the players and referees of the region.

World Billiards restates that we support the rights of players and referees to participate in any event they choose, and to be members of any organisation they choose.