Ryan Mears(Credit: Neil Maclachlan – Ryan Mears)


  • Location:
  • Aldershot, England
  • Profession:
  • Highest Break (Practice):
  • Highest Break (Match):
  • 260
  • Cue:
  • John Parris Exclusive
  • Tip:
  • 9.15mm Century G1 soft tip
  • World Billiards 100+ Breaks:
  • 43
  • World Billiards High Breaks:
  • 260, 195, 194, 177, 170


  • Ryan made his first century of 110 in his 3rd season of 150up (scratch) Billiards in the Farnham & District League. In the 4th season he beat that with a 127unf.
  • In 2012 he played in the National CIU Championship and made the semi-finals to qualify for the England team which were eventual winners of the event, as well as paid entry into the World Championships.
  • Ryan played in his first WBL event (Welsh Open) alongside the HIBSF events. After illness, Ryan made the England team again in 2015 and 2016, on the latter occasion being undefeated with five wins out of five.
  • His biggest win to date is winning the National CIU Billiards Championship beating Phil Mumford over a 4 hour final in April 2017. The following month he made his first trip outside the British Isles to play in Canada where he beat his highest break with a 140 in the Vimy Ridge Classic and again in the Americas Cup with his 194.
  • Later in 2017 and again in 2018 Ryan’s team won the Home Internationals and he was unbeaten in both. The next time Ryan went to Canada he beat his highest break of 194 with a 260 in the Vimy Ridge Classic (a 45 minute group match). He also had his 3rd highest with a 177 and his 5th highest (and highest unfinished break) of 160.
  • Ryan also competed in the 2019 World Billiards Championship in Melbourne, Australia, where he reached the last 16 losing to Robert Hall.


  • Ryan’s home venue is the Sovereign Snooker Club in Farnborough which he proudly represents in local leagues.

Ryan’s Statistics:

Below you will find statistics on the player performance over recent seasons:

Tournaments Played
Match Win %
81% (21 of 26)
Hourly Rate
Rank (Pts)
8 (34051)
Best K/O perf
QF (x3)
High Break
Tournaments Played
Match Win %
75% (30 of 40)
Hourly Rate
Rank (Pts)
10 (31915)
Best K/O perf
High Break
Tournaments Played
Match Win %
25% (1 of 4)
Hourly Rate
Rank (Pts)
5 (23878)
Best K/O perf
High Break