Roxton Chapman(Credit: WPBSA – Roxton Chapman)


  • Location:
  • Cambridgeshire, England
  • Profession:
  • Wireless IT Expert
  • Highest Break (Practice):
  • 1091 – against Albert ‘Snowy’ Salisbury. Rocky says Albert was “an unbelievable mentor, friend and supporter”
  • Highest Break (Match):
  • 660 – in a match against Geet Sethi (averaging 140 over four hours)
  • Cue:
  • Robin Cook, a replica of the cue given to Rocky by coach and mentor Mark Wildman
  • Tip:
  • Anything soft!


  • Roxton is a former Professional Billiard player, he attained a World Ranking of #4 in the mid 1990’s. He resigned his professional status in 2007 following the collapse of the professional tour in order to concentrate on his career.
  • Accredited WPBSA Billiards Coach.
  • He won the UK Championship in 1999 as a Professional and came out of retirement to win the resurrected LITEtask UK Open in 2015, narrowly failing to retain the title in 2016 when defeated in the final.
  • Roxton was one of the founder members of EBOS in 2004 and remains as Honorary President of World Billiards to this day.
  • He was also involved in setting up the World Billiards Coaching Scheme.


  • Roxton lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife and two children.