Below is an explanation of how ranking points are earned for standard (level 3) events. Bear in mind that these figures may be scaled depending on the tournament level, see ‘Event Levels’ below. For example, in a Major (level 5), the points below would be doubled. In a level 1 event, points would be halved.

Group Stage

At Group stage you earn 500 points for each win. If there is a No Show in your group then you get nothing. In addition to these win points, you get 100% of the average points scored. In calculating this average, your total points amassed are divided by the number of games you have played (this includes Walkovers as if the match had actually been played, but not Not Shows). See the Terms and Conditions for definitions of Walkover and No Shows.

Knockout Stage

In addition to ranking points awarded at the group stage, points are awarded at the knockout stage depending on the round reached.

  • You earn points at the group stage as explained above, plus:
  • You earn an additional 375 points for reaching the last 16
  • You earn an additional 750 points for reaching the quarters
  • You earn an additional 750 points for reaching the semis
  • You earn an additional 1500 points for reaching the final
  • You earn an additional 3000 points for winning the tournament

Note that in the round immediately following the group stage, there are no ranking points. For example, a last 32 or last 16 which immediately follow the group stage will carry no ranking points. A prequalifier (e.g. 12 or 24 players) will also not carry ranking points.

For example, using the points listed above, the winner of the tournament would receive 6375 points plus whatever they earned at the group stage (assuming there was a last 24 or 32 round).

Season Switchover

When the season changes over (end of June) the Ranking List is recalculated. Effectively this means that all totals are halved for the new season. The new season starts on 1st July.
The Order of Merit table is cleared out since this reflects only the current season.

Event levels

  • Level 6 – x3 ranking points
  • Level 5 – x2 ranking points
  • Level 4 – x1.5 ranking points
  • Level 3 – x1 ranking points
  • Level 2 – x.075 ranking points
  • Level 1 – x0.5 ranking points