Philip N Brooke(Credit: WWS – Philip N Brooke)


  • Location:
  • Bradley, West Yorkshire, England
  • Profession:
  • Retired Computer Systems Operations Manager at Huddersfield Technical College
  • Referee Grade:
  • Class 1
  • Highest Break Refereed:
  • 605 & 487 (in the same match) by David Causier in Bradford, England
  • Biggest Honour:
  • Being appointed as Referee for the World Championship (short format) final in 2017


  • Phil has officiated at 16 World Billiards Championships (8 x long format and 8 x short format) from 2011 to 2019.
  • In addition to the 2017 World Championship (short format) final in Leeds, Phil has refereed a number of other Billiards finals including the UK Open, British Open, English Open, Scottish Open, EASB and EABA Championships, Yorkshire Championship and the Huddersfield Open League (several times).
  • Phil is a regular referee for the World Women’s Snooker Tour. He has also representated Huddersfield as a player in county level Pool.


  • Phil was born in Huddersfield in 1947. After studying at the University of Birmingham from 1965 – 1968 he graduated as BA (Hons) in English Language & Literature.
  • He developed an interest in cue sports during his mid-teens, playing at the Student Union. From the early 1970’s he played in the Huddersfield Open League and CIU League for many years, with a highest match break of 48 at Billiards.
  • Phil achieved his Class 3 refereeing certification in both Billiards and Snooker in 1987.
  • Following substantial experience he progressed to Class 2 in both disciplines in 1990. After progressing from local league to county and national level (and subsequently international level), he attained his Class 1 certificate in 1998.
  • Away from the table, Phil’s leisure interests include music, travel, photography, reading, Star Trek movies, and performing karaoke.