Billiard balls along the top cushion

Planning a return to the baize

It has been a very testing time for all during the pandemic, but World Billiards remains committed to returning to competitive play for Billiard players and fans around the globe as soon as possible.

We recognise that it may be some time before international travel for Billiards tournaments is widely possible. However, we wish to encourage a return to competition as soon as possible in locations where it is safe and practical to do so. As we enter 2021 our initial aim is to stage World Ranking events of up to and including level three status. Level four, five and six events will resume as soon as international travel is more accessible.

Although there still remains a great deal of uncertainty as 2020 comes to a close, the approval and rollout of vaccines within the UK and further afield is a significant step towards the return to normality.

Our players will no doubt appreciate the challenges that are still faced not only by World Billiards, but across many other sporting bodies, in planning exactly when a return to competition can take place, particularly in the UK where there are many varied levels of local restrictions in place.

However, we are confident that we will see further progress in the New Year and we look forward to announcing details of events as soon as we are able.

For the time being, please be safe and we hope to see you soon.