Hugh Elden passed away on 4-June-2015 in St Columba’s Hospice Edinburgh after a long battle with Cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go to his mum Betty, sisters Louise and Christine, brother Billy and girlfriend Maureen. He leaves behind two daughters, Taylor (18) and Erin (20).

At his cremation the large chapel was insufficient for the numbers, estimated at 370, a measure of the regard in which he was held in Scotland.

Hugh took up Billiards again about five years ago after many years as an accomplished Snooker player. He studied it and relished coaching sessions from Dave Sneddon and Roy Bacon. The benefits of this coaching came to fruition in the Scottish Championships 2014 when Hugh defeated Dave Sneddon to end his run of 27 consecutive titles.

Hugh Elden
Hugh Elden

Last August Hugh braved his condition to play for Scotland in the Team Championships. Similarly, in January he insisted on playing in the Scottish Open, making it to the knockout stage – a remarkable performance given his deteriorating condition and failing eyesight.

It is Billiards’ loss as the progress Hugh made in a short space of time was unusually rapid. It was always a pleasure to play him. His popularity, particularly in his home city of Edinburgh, was well known and there was a constant stream of friends to his flat in the latter days. This alone is testament to his immense likeability and genuine friendship.

RIP Hugh Elden, 4-June-2015

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