English Open history

The English Open started life as a Pro-Am called The East of England Open in Cambridge in October 2003. Two years later it joined forces with the Charity Challenge in Sherringham, the European Classic in Kings Lynn and the Austrian Open in Vienna to become the English-Billiards Classic Series, soon after renamed the English-Billiards Open Series, and EBOS as we know it was born.

In 2007 the event became known as The English Open, and in 2011 Ron Agnew donated a trophy to the tournament which we have been playing for since. In 2012 it became a WBL event.

2003CAMBRIDGEDAVID NICHOLSDavid ReesMike Russell294
2004CAMBRIDGESTEVE CROSLANDPhil MumfordPhil Mumford137
2005CAMBRIDGEMATT SUTTONSteve CroslandRoxton Chapman149
2006CAMBRIDGEROM SURINBilly BousfieldChris Shutt331
2007CAMBRIDGEPHIL MUMFORDJohn MullanePhil Mumford441u
2008LINCOLNPETER GILCHRISTMartin GoodwillPeter Gilchrist378
2009BOSTONMARTIN GOODWILLGeoff BrassingtonMartin Goodwill352
2010Not Played
2011BURY ST EDSPHIL MUMFORDRob HallPhil Mumford221
2012BURY ST EDSMIKE RUSSELLDavid CausierDavid Causier600
2013CAMBRIDGEDAVID CAUSIERRob HallDavid Causier613u
2014CAMBRIDGEDAVID CAUSIERRob HallDavid Causier498
2015CAMBRIDGEDAVID CAUSIERPeter GilchristDavid Causier454
2016CAMBRIDGEDAVID CAUSIERRoxton ChapmanDavid Causier463
2017CAMBRIDGEPETER GILCHRISTMartin GoodwillDavid Causier807
2018CAMBRIDGEROB HALLPeter GilchristRob Hall480