Rochy Woods
WPBSA coach Rochy Woods

World Billiards has recently secured a small annual budget to allocate to development of the game. This money will be distributed to organisations who apply to us for a grant and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to developing the game of English Billiards. Each application will be treated on its merits and allocated on a case by case basis up to a maximum of £250 per organisation. Only one application will be accepted from the same organisation per season.

The first such grant which we have awarded is to the Narbeck Junior Billiards League, which is a junior league in Norfolk, England. The grant is for one of its players, Rochelle Woods, to attend the WPBSA community coaching course. Rochelle passed the course, and has recently appeared in an ITV Anglia report on her success. Click here to see this report and video.

If anyone is interested in applying for a similar grant please send us an application detailing the reasons why you believe such a grant should be allocated, and exactly how the funding would be used should you be successful.

Please send your application to us here.