In the interests of protecting players and officials, World Billiards events will always follow government guidance with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the new variant (Omicron), we feel that we need to implement some measures and explain some new rules that will be enforced at our venue(s).

  1. If you have followed your government guidelines and are fully vaccinated (e.g. both doses of a 2 dose vaccine), please declare this on the entry form when you register for the tournament. Officials will be asked if they are fully vaccinated as they do not complete an event registration. If you are fully vaccinated no further action is needed, although we still suggest taking regular lateral flow tests before meeting people as advised by governments, and of course you must not attend the event if experiencing symptoms or if you are isolating.
  2. If you are anything less than fully vaccinated (or prefer not to say) please state so during event registration. You can still enter the tournament, however, you will be required to present evidence to the Tournament Director of either a negative PCR or lateral flow test (taken within a maximum of 48 hours before start of play). The TD must see this evidence prior to play commencing. Exceptions will be made for circumstances such as a person having had the virus within the last 60 days and therefore testing being invalid. If you have this evidence in digital form then you can simply email it to –

Please remember that it is your responsibility to supply this before play commences on the day. If you are late for a scheduled match because of these new processes the standard “late start” penalties will apply. If you wish to withdraw from the tournament then the normal rules apply – a full refund provided that we receive notification by the closing date.

Please bear in mind that there is substantial evidence that people who are not fully vaccinated are more likely to contract and pass on COVID-19 to those around them.

Any information supplied that is found to be fraudulent will be subject to censure by World Billiards.

With the transmissibility of this new variant it is simply not possible for us to protect everybody, 100% of the time. Much depends on us following government guidance (see below) and generally being sensible about the situation.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation on this matter.

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