Canada [Day 4]


Day 4

The second day of group matches got underway today; first out of the blocks was Martin Goodwill with breaks of 207 and 108 against Blair Lawson, running out a comfortable 400-42 winner. Mike Russell continued his form from the previous day with 400-39 and 400-51 wins against Daniel Scullion and Jules Mortinson respectively, recording breaks of 272, 166, 121 in the process. Mike has only had a total of 210 points scored against him in all 4 group matches. Other centurions today were Dhruv Sitwala who made 174 and 102 in his wins over Steve Kingyens and Guy Smith, and Phil Mumford who recorded a 166 in defeating Pat Werner 400-116.  Several matches again went to the wire today, with Guy Heys victory over Fraser Durham being the closest; Guy finally dipping over the line when Fraser was on 396. Alan Senkiw recorded his first win of the tournament with a narrow 400-385 win over fellow Canadian Warren Dyer, and battle of the Rick’s, Kendall and Hutcheon resulted in a 400-324 win for Kendall.

7 Canadian players reached the knockout stage, with 2 Indians,  6 Englishmen and 1 Jerseyman.


Last 16 Draw:

(1) Mike Russell v Grant Thiessen (16)

(9) Nalin Patel v Guy Heys (8)

(5) Dhruv Sitwala v Steve Jones (12)

(13) Fraser Durham v Rob Hall (4)

(3) Martin Goodwill v Daniel Scullion (14)

(11) Warren Dyer v Chris Taylor (6)

(7) Devendra Joshi v Rick Kendall (10)

(15) Garry Marshall v Phil Mumford (2)