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12 Jan 2019

Event Hosting Opportunities

Bids for hosting WBL World and Regional (Major) events are invited from NGB’s and Regional Federations.

These events are as follows:

World Championship 2020 & beyond Any
World Matchplay 2020 & beyond Any
World Cup (Team) 2019 & beyond Any Inaugurated Glasgow, Scotland 2014
World Under 21’s 2019 & beyond Any New event
World Seniors (over 60’s) 2019 & beyond Any New event
Asian Grand Prix 2019 & beyond Asia 2018 in Singapore
Americas’ Cup 2020 & beyond America 2019 in Winnipeg, Canada
European Open 2020 & beyond Europe 2019 in Carlow, Ireland
Pacific International 2020 & beyond Oceania 2019 in Yarraville, Australia

Events can be combined; for example, a Major event could be combined with a World event, or two World events together. Combinations will be considered if proposed.

For more information please contact Phil Mumford via the Contact Us page..