To: National Governing Bodies, Regional Federations and Billiards Referees.

The above event will take place at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, England from 13th until 16th April.
This includes the UK Open (11th-12th).

We are looking for a total of 16 referees. All referees must be certificated by, and current members of their respective NGB and will be required to wear their full NGB uniform at all times; additional logos will be at the discretion of World Billiards.

Accommodation will be provided on a twin sharing basis where appropriate, with breakfast and one other meal per day. The hotel (Holiday Inn Express) is adjacent to the venue.

Requests for upgrades and Class 3 exams will be scheduled at appropriate times. All such requests must be approved by the candidate’s NGB; private arrangements are not permissible.

Please contact Chris Coumbe (chris.coumbe@world-billiards.com) and Darren Clark (darren.clark@world-billiards.com)

World Billiards Ltd.

World Billiards