World Matchplay Entry Criteria

The entry criteria for the 2019 World Matchplay Billiards Championship will be as follows;

AAll former World Billiards Champions (WPBSA / IBSF / WBL) (≤19)
BAmerica (1)
COceania (1)
DAsia (1)
EEurope (1)
 FAfrica (1)
GWDBS Disability nomination (1)
H≤8 Nominations from each NGB + 1 Junior + 1 Woman Player (≤10 ea)
IWLBS World Women’s Champion (1)
JTop-up players from the final 2018/19 WBL Order of Merit as of 01/02/19 (tbc*)
KFour Qualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament (4)


  • Spots are generally awarded in chronological order, i.e. the order in which they are won. This is done in case a player wins multiple spots. For example, if the same player wins the World Championship and then the Asian Championship that player would get the World Champion spot (as this was won first) and the Asian spot would be offered to the runner up in the Asian Championship.
  • Regional championships are used to determine spots where they exist (Asia & Oceania). Where they do not exist (Europe, America & Africa) we use our own open major event or a direct Regional Federation nomination instead. In these cases only players who are citizens of their respective region are eligible to receive these nominations.
  • The players from the 2018/19 WBL Order of Merit (J) will be players who have not already qualified from A-I.
  • *The number of players taken from the Order of Merit will depend on the number required to make the total entry number up to 60 (including four qualifiers) giving 12 groups of 5 players.
  • The Qualification Tournament will be open to all players who feature on the 2018/19 WBL Order of Merit (ie have played in a WBL tournament in the current season) and players who are members of their NGB.
  • Players declining a direct place in the World Matchplay will not be eligible for entry to the Qualifying Tournament.
  • Four players will progress from the Qualification Tournament to the main World Matchplay Championship.
  • The defending champion will be seeded number 1; subsequent seeding will be based on the WBL Ranking List as of 01/04/19.