World Championship Entry Criteria

The entry criteria for the October 2018 World Billiards Championship will be as follows;

AAll former & defending World Billiards Champions (WPBSA / IBSF / WBL)
BAmerica [Fraser Durham]
COceania [Jason Colebrook]
DAsia [Dhvaj Haria]
EEurope [Rob Hall]
GWDBS Disability nomination
H8 Nominations from each NGB + 1 Junior + 1 Woman Player
IWLBS World Women’s Champion [Emma Bonney]
J32 players from the final 2017/18 WBL Order of Merit
KQualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament


  • Spots are generally awarded in chronological order, ie the order in which they are won. This is done in case a player wins multiple spots. For example, if the same player wins the World Championship and then the Asian Championship that player would get the World Champion spot (as this was won first) and the Asian spot would be offered to the runner up in the Asian Championship.
  • Regional championships are used to determine spots where they exist (Asia & Oceania). Where they do not exist (Europe, America & Africa) we use our own open major event or a direct Regional Federation nomination instead. In these cases only players who are citizens of their respective region are eligible to receive these nominations.
  • The 32 players from the 2017/18 WBL Order of Merit (J) will be players who have not already qualified from A-I (see list below*).
  • The number of players taken from the Qualification Tournament will depend on the number required to make all groups in the main events equal.
  • The Qualification Tournament will be open to all players who feature on the 2017/18 WBL Order of Merit and any players who are members of, and supported by an NGB.
  • The defending champion will be seeded number 1; subsequent seeding will be based on the WBL Ranking List as at 31st August 2018.


*WBL Top 32
Below is a list of who will be nominated as part of the WBL allocation of players. The qualification route is stated next to the player where it is known.

This list will evolve as players are nominated by their NGBs or decline their invitation and the WBL nominations will then go further down the list accordingly.

Players below in BOLD have either entered or indicated that they are going to. For a list of who has actually entered and paid see here.


SingaporePeter GilchristWorld Champion
EnglandDavid CausierWorld Champion
EnglandRobert HallEurope
EnglandJonathan MarwoodENG
AustraliaJason ColebrookOceania
IndiaDhvaj HariaASIA
EnglandSteve BrookshawWBL 1
IndiaSourav KothariIND
EnglandDarren ClarkWBL 2
EnglandRyan MearsWBL 3
EnglandMartin GoodwillWBL 4
IndiaRaja SubramanianIND
IndiaDhruv SitwalaIND
EnglandGary NormanWBL 5
EnglandChris CoumbeWBL 6
IndiaRupesh ShahWorld Champion
EnglandPhil DavisWBL 7
EnglandNathan MannWBL 8
IndiaAlok KumarIND
EnglandMike RussellWorld Champion
ScotlandPaul McGowanSCO
IndiaSiddharth ParikhIND
EnglandMark HirstWBL 9
EnglandNalin PatelWBL 10
New ZealandWayne CareyNZ
EnglandBarry RussellWBL 11
IndiaDevendra JoshiIND
AustraliaPeter TankardAUS
EnglandBrian HarveyWBL 12
EnglandChris MitchellWBL 13
EnglandAdam ClarkeWBL 14
ScotlandJamie JenkinsSCO
ScotlandAlan ShepherdSCO
EnglandArthur WinnWBL 15
Rep. of IrelandAidan MurrayIRE
IndiaSushrut PandiaWBL 16
EnglandCraig FitzpatrickWBL 17
EnglandStephen KershawWBL 18
AustriaMartin SchmidtAUT
EnglandBrian PritchardWBL 19
WalesEddie DugganWAL
EnglandPeter AtkinsonWBL 20
EnglandSam WalkerWBL 21
EnglandJason DevanneyWBL 22
EnglandTerry McAdamWBL 23
EnglandKevin PayneWBL 24
AustriaMarkus BauerAUT
EnglandGeoffrey LingardWBL 25
EnglandStephen StokesWBL 26
EnglandRon BickerdikeWBL 27
EnglandChris BishopWBL 28
EnglandMark HillWBL 29
EnglandRoy DensonWBL 30
EnglandMick WhiteWBL 31
EnglandPeter JohnsonWBL 32
IndiaGeet SethiWorld Champion
IndiaShrikrishna SuriIND
FranceAkhilesh MohanFRA
ScotlandPaul WhelanSCO
ScotlandCalum HossackSCO
ScotlandDavid StoneSCO
IndiaJai Ganesh MarudanayagamIND
EnglandEmma BonneyWorld Women’s Champion
Northern IrelandJack McLaughlinNI
CanadaFraser DurhamAmerica
Northern IrelandKorbin LoweNI
WalesPeter StanyerWAL
WalesElvet SmithWAL

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