2014 New Zealand Open

Champion: Grant Hayward

Runner Up: Paul Stocker

The New Zealand Billiards & Snooker Association held two back-to-back World Ranking events in New Zealand during September. The Hamilton Open preceded the New Zealand Open, both of which carried WBL (Level 1) World Ranking points.

The New Zealand Open is a long established event and we are delighted to be adopting this in to the world ranking circuit.

The Hamilton Open took place between Tuesday 23rd & Thursday 25th September, immediately followed by the New Zealand Open between Friday 26th & Sunday 28th September.

In an International field for the NZ Open Billiards, Hayward had some close shaves with the Australians when in the quarters beating first Australian’s Jason Colebrook (Melbourne) 344 – 342, and then `hurting’ another one of their reps in the semi’s George Chammas (Sydney) 445-421.

In the 3 hour final, Paul Stocker (NZ), could not withstand the onslaught that Hayward threw at him winning 727-521. Stocker (Hawkes Bay) who was defending his title, just couldn’t get the balls to run for him.

Hayward, who is a pretty handy golfer, has represented NZ in all forms of Cue Sport around the World – Snooker, Billiards, 8-ball & 9-ball, has commented that of all sports he has played, Billiards is the most challenging.

You can see a full list of the results & breaks here.