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WDBS Event

WB Coach Colin Humphries gave billiards coaching at the WDBS event in Stockport on Friday 10 Jan. This is the second time World Billiards has supported a WDBS event and the WPBSA are looking to involve World Billiards in future events.
WDBS in Stockport
WDBS in Stockport
WDBS in Stockport

2019 Coaching Course

The latest WPBSA Coaching Course for Billiards Coaches was held at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds, on 27-28th April 2019. Multiple World Billiards Champion Peter Gilchrist came from Singapore to run the Course along with Jason Colebrook from Australia and WBL Head of Coaching, Martin Goodwill. The Course was well attended with participants from India, Ireland, England and Wales. World Billiards now have over 50 Coaches.

Jason Ferguson of the WPBSA with the students and coaches

Chris Lovell, James Welsh, Jason Colebrook, Martin Goodwill and Peter Gilchrist

Philp Tsang playing a shot











The first WPBSA World Billiards Seminar was held at the Northern Snooker Centre on 29th April 2019. Head of WPBSA Snooker Coaching, Chris Lovell, gave a presentation on his successes at promoting Snooker and WPBSA Snooker Coaching. Multiple World Billiards Champion Peter Gilchrist came from Singapore to talk about his life and to demonstrate various shots at the billiards table. In addition, James Welsh, an ex-professional snooker player who is now a lecturer at Hull University gave a presentation on how to deal with the stresses of the game.

Ireland’s Aidan Murray explains a shot. In the background is a portrait of Northern Snooker Centre owner Chris Williamson

Peter Gilchrist leads a discussion


Sidney Ash being examined by Jason Colebrook






Ian Dennis with Jason








2019 WPBSA Coaching Course

Our 2019 Coaching Course took place over the weekend of 27th & 28th April 2019 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds

So far we have 42 World Billiards coaches worldwide and we are hoping to increase this number significantly during this course.

See here for details of the course.

2017 Course (UK)

2017 Course (Australia)

2016 Course

See links below for further information:

Introduction to the WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Scheme

List of current WPBSA World Billiards Coaches

September 2016 course (UK)

September 2017 course (Australia)

December 2017 course (UK)

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Disability Coaching Day

The latest WDBS Disability day at Barratts in Northampton at the weekend has included English Billiards for the first time.

World Billiards head of coaching Martin Goodwill was on hand for a coaching session which was followed by a billiards tournament.

Congratulations to John Fenwick who narrowly defeated Daniel Blunn in the final to become the first ever WDBS English Billiards Champion.

The tournament had 14 entries, with the highest break of 35 being made by Daniel Blunn in the semi-finals. This was the first time Daniel had played the game.

Many thanks to Steve Starkie for being the Tournament Director.



For more information regarding WDBS please visit their website by clicking on the logo above.

Latest Coaching Course

Our latest Coaching Course took place over the weekend of 9th & 10th December 2017 at the Winchester Club in Leicester.

Ten people qualified as new WPBSA World Billiards coaches, bringing the total number up to 42 worldwide.

Our head of coaching Martin Goodwill put together a two day course covering how to coach the basics of the game. He was assisted by Peter Gilchrist, Rob Hall and WPBSA child protection officer Chris Motley.

Course participants had to pass a pre-course online exam, plus three practical exams on day two of the course.


Congratulations to new coaches (L-R) Jim Burke, Antony Cooke, David Nichols, Roy Smith, Peter Gilchrist, Arthur Winn, Ian Cotter, Rob Hall, Glenn Yeo and Victor Yeong pictured with Head of Coaching Martin Goodwill (far left) and club managers Mukesh & Svetlana Parmar (centre).


Martin Goodwill examining Arthur Winn’s coaching technique


See links below for further information:

Introduction to the WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Scheme

List of current WPBSA World Billiards Coaches

September 2016 course (UK)

September 2017 course (Australia)

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Coaching Workshop

A World Billiards Coaching Workshop was held at Cambridge Snooker Centre on Saturday 11th November.

The coaching team of John Inverarity, Phillip Welham & Trevor Thorn


This was lead by WPBSA World Billiards coach Phillip Welham who was assisted by John Inverarity and Trevor Thorn.

The coaching group


Eight students were coached the basics of the game plus some top of the table routines.










For details of how to become a qualified WPBSA World Billiards coach see here.


Coaching Down Under


September 2017 saw World Billiards successfully stage their first ever coaching course outside the UK, at the Yarraville Club in Australia.

Approved and supported by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), the course was developed and delivered by Head of Coaching Martin Goodwill (England), Jason Colebrook (Australia) and Gary Oliver (New Zealand). Jason and Gary underwent training in the days prior to the event in order to deliver the course and qualify as WPBSA approved Billiards Examiners for their respective countries.


The course was very well supported with 12 players from various states across Australia and included the 2002 World Amateur Snooker Champion, Steve Mifsud.


Australian & NZ Coaches

Our new World Billiards coaches from Australia & New Zealand


Prior to the course each candidate had to complete an online examination and on the day activities included learning how to teach some of the key shots and techniques in billiards as well as discussing pre-recorded video scenarios. In addition, each coach had to complete three practical examinations, teaching various aspects of the game.











Jason Colebrook


All players successfully completed the course and after various governance procedures have been completed will be presented with a certificate and will receive a WPBSA/World Billiards coaching ID card.






Some quotes from the day:

Had a wonderful day at the Reventon academy attending the World Billiards coaches course. I found the course very professionally run and very enjoyable. Martin Goodwill’s presentation was excellent and his advice on coaching techniques invaluable. I’d recommend anyone interested in the game of English Billiards to take this course.
Steve Mifsud (2002 World Amateur Snooker Champion)

Excellent course – comprehensive, entertaining, and very professionally delivered. Set a benchmark as to how to deliver a coaching accreditation course, with great group participation evident. I left the course inspired to pass on the knowledge acquired, as well as encouraged to greater personal practise and development.
Tad Babiak (head of coaching in the state of South Australia)

It was great to have Martin Goodwill in Australia to deliver this course to the prospective coach examiners and coaches. By the end of the course all the candidates where enthused about the sport and felt ready to help introduce new players into the sport, courtesy of a sound knowledge of teaching the basics.
Jason Colebrook (President of Billiards Australia and WBL board member)

First World Billiards Coaching Course

The first WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Course was held at
The Winchester Club in Leicester during September 2016.


Coaching Course 18 Sep 2016

Coaching Course (September 2016)



Coaches had already successfully passed an online examination (about the basics of coaching billiards and the rules of the game) and participated in various events including teaching the basics, group discussions, video analysis and a practical examination.






The course was delivered by Martin Goodwill (Head of Coaching), Phil Welham (Head Coach) and Roxton Chapman (President of World Billiards).


Group discussions

Group discussions

Start of the Course

Start of the Course












It was very well supported by the WPBSA and attended by Alan Chamberlain (WPBSA Board Member and World Billiards Chairman), Chris Motley (WPBSA DBS and Child Protection Officer), Lisa Bray (WPBSA Secretary) and Matt Huart (WPBSA Press and Media Officer).

Franz Meszaros from Austria

Franz Meszaros from Austria



Franz Meszaros travelled from Austria to make the Course and said:“Still feeling privileged having attended this WPBSA Billiards Coaching Course, I want to thank everybody concerned for their work in organizing it.”





Fan Kian Sang Zensen from Singapore

Fan Kian Sang Zensen from Singapore


Fan Zensen travelled all of the way from Singapore to make the Course and said: “Great course by great trainers! All three¬†humble trainers were not there just to certify but to impart their vast knowledge in the game and skills in coaching students to play good billiards. This course helps to set the foundation to propel English Billiards popularity and thereby raise the appreciation level of the beautiful game. I am really glad to have made the trip and been accepted into your purpose driven group to promote the game. Thank you WPBSA!”



Introducing the WPBSA World Billiards Coaching Scheme

WPBSA box plus border


The World Billiards Coaching Scheme is approved and supported by the WPBSA and led by our head of coaching Martin Goodwill.


Our long term goal is to create a network of qualified coaches around the world to grow participation in the sport and mentor the next generation of billiards champions.




Also part of the coaching team are head coach Phillip Welham, our President Roxton Chapman, board member Jason Colebrook, multiple World Champion Peter Gilchrist, multiple New Zealand Champion Gary Oliver and multiple English Champion Rob Hall. 

Alan Chamberlain, Phil Welham, Martin Goodwill and Roxton Chapman

Courses are designed to equip candidates with the requisite skills to deliver effective, responsive and rewarding coaching and includes full child protection and safeguarding training delivered by WPBSA representative Chris Motley.



Courses includes:

  • DBS check
  • Child protection/safeguarding training
  • Billiards coaching techniques
  • How to market yourself & set up coaching programmes
  • Practical & written examinations
  • Refreshments
  • WPBSA Rules of Billiards & Snooker handbook
  • World Billiards Coach polo shirt*
  • Coaching certificate*
  • WPBSA/World Billiards coaching ID card*
  • Free access to future WPBSA coaching seminars*

* Successful candidates only.



If you wish to reserve a place on a forthcoming course please contact Martin Goodwill via the Contact Us page.

See links below for further information:

List of current WPBSA World Billiards Coaches

September 2016 course (UK)

September 2017 course (Australia)

December 2017 course (UK)

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