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Coaching Course


On Thursday 21st September our first coaching course outside of the UK will take place at the Yarraville Club in Australia. This is not only the first World Billiards course outside of the UK, but is also the first time WPBSA have sanctioned a non-UK coaching course for billiards or snooker.

We hope that this is the forerunner to more such courses in other countries.

Martin Goodwill is currently in Australia training their first coach-examiner ready for the 21st September. Following this Australia will be self sufficient and be able to organise their own future courses and qualify their own billiards coaches.

See here for further details on the Billiards Australia website.

Another UK course is planned for 9th & 10th December; details will be available soon.

Course Information

October is the projected date for the next Coaching Course with the June course being postponed.

The next Coaching Course is planned for October 2017, at the end of the World Championships, with a venue yet to be announced. The Course is aimed at coaches who wish to become a WPBSA approved World Billiards Coach and promote the game of English Billiards by coaching in their region. Successful candidates will have free access to future WPBSA coaching seminars. The Course duration has now been increased to 2 full days with the Course fee being £225.

The Course includes:

  • DBS check
  • Child protection/safeguarding training
  • Billiards coaching techniques
  • How to market yourself & set up coaching programmes
  • Practical & written examinations
  • Refreshments
  • WPBSA Rules of Billiards & Snooker handbook
  • World Billiards Coach polo shirt*
  • Coaching Certificate*
  • WPBSA/World Billiards coaching ID card*
  • Free access to WPBSA coaching seminars*

* Successful candidates only.

For further information on this course please contact Martin Goodwill via the Contact Us page.

Click here to see a list of qualified coaches so far.

We are also planning ‘Young Player Of Distinction‘ scholarships in conjunction with the Coaching Scheme, details of which will be announced as soon as they are finalised.

Coaching Course 18 Sep 2016

Coaching Course 18 Sep 2016


The first Coaching Course was held at The Winchester Club in Leicester in September 2016. Coaches had already successfully passed an online examination (about the basics of coaching billiards and the rules of the game) and participated in various events including teaching the basics, group discussions, video analysis and a practical examination.


Start of the Course

Start of the Course

The course was delivered by Martin Goodwill (Head of Coaching), Phil Welham (Head Coach) and Roxton Chapman (President of World Billiards). It was very well supported by the WPBSA and attended by Alan Chamberlain (WPBSA Board Member and World Billiards Chairman), Chris Motley (WPBSA DBS and Child Protection Officer), Lisa Bray (WPBSA Secretary) and Matt Huart (WPBSA Press and Media Officer).

Group discussions

Group discussions





Franz Meszaros from Austria

Franz Meszaros from Austria


Franz Meszaros travelled from Austria to make the Course and said:“Still feeling privileged having attended this WPBSA Billiards Coaching Course, I want to thank everybody concerned for their work in organizing it.”

Fan Kian Sang Zensen from Singapore

Fan Kian Sang Zensen from Singapore

Fan Zensen travelled all of the way from Singapore to make the Course and said: “Great course by great trainers! All three humble trainers were not there just to certify but to impart their vast knowledge in the game and skills in coaching students to play good billiards. This course helps to set the foundation to propel English Billiards popularity and thereby raise the appreciation level of the beautiful game. I am really glad to have made the trip and been accepted into your purpose driven group to promote the game. Thank you WPBSA!”

Become a Coach!


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The World Billiards Coaching Scheme

is approved and supported by the WPBSA and lead by WPBSA coaches Martin Goodwill & Phillip Welham. Our President Roxton Chapman has now also joined the coaching team and will be helping to deliver the courses.

Our long term goal is to create a network of qualified coaches around the world to grow the game and mentor the next generation of billiards champions.

Alan Chamberlain, Phil Welham, Martin Goodwill and Roxton Chapman

Alan Chamberlain, Phil Welham, Martin Goodwill and Roxton Chapman 

Martin Goodwill is Head of Coaching and Phillip Welham is Head Coach. Courses are designed to equip candidates with the requisite skills to deliver effective, responsive and rewarding coaching and include full child protection and safeguarding training delivered by WPBSA representative Chris Motley.

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