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Live Streaming

There was some high quality professional live streaming of the 2017 LITEtask World Billiards Championships. 

Available matches:

31/10/17 | Quarter Final | David Causier 1000 v 524 Rob Hall | Watch here.

31/10/17 | Semi Final | Peter Gilchrist 1250 v 432 Sourav Kothari | Watch here.

01/11/17 | Final | David Causier 1500 v 779 Peter Gilchrist | Watch here.

Clive Everton


We were fortunate to have renowned commentator and Snooker Scene editor Clive Everton providing commentary for the quarter, semi and final of the long format World Championship.

Most of you will know Clive from his many years commentating on professional snooker. He is also a billiards aficionado and a former player of repute having won the Welsh billiards championship on a number of occasions.

In 2017 he was inducted in to the World Snooker Hall of Fame for his services to billiards and snooker.




To get access to all World Billiards content please subscribe (free) to the World Billiards YouTube channel by clicking the image below:




Once subscribed to the channel you can choose to get notified when matches go live. 


To view matches from the 2016 LITEtask World Championship see the following links:

The matches streamed in the 100-up Championship were:

20/10/16 | Quarter Final | Rupesh Shah 6 v 1 Siddharth Parikh | Watch here. 

20/10/16 | Semi Final | Dave Causier 7 v 5 Mike Russell | Watch here. 

21/10/16 | Final | Dave Causier 8 v 6 Dhruv Sitwala | Watch here. 

The matches streamed in the Timed Championship were:

25/10/16 | Quarter Final | Mike Russell 1523 v 450 Alok Kumar | Watch here. 

25/10/16 | Semi Final | Dave Causier 2183 v 674 Roxton Chapman | Watch here. 

26/10/16 | Final | Mike Russell 2224 v 1115 Dave Causier| Watch here. 

The Timed Championship semi final and final had live commentary provided by Clive Everton.


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Billiard match DVD’s

DSC01039Billiards recordings.

Billiards on disc.



The latest match discs are available now.

All matches now have full commentary,

intermittent on screen scores and upgraded packaging.

2015 LiteTask World Championship Final (5hr) Dave Causier v Peter Gilchrist

Quarter Final Mike Russell v Roxton Chapman

A four hour highlights package from 2012 Р2015

Contact Roy Bacon for the full list.





2015 LITEtask World Championships

Recordings of World Championships 2015



Final РPart 1 between Dave Causier and Peter Gilchrist

Final – Part 2

Final – Part 3

Semi Final РPart 1 between Mike Russell and Peter Gilchrist

Semi Final – Part 2

Quarter Final between Rob Hall and Nalin Patel

Last 16 match  between Peter Gilchrist and Robin Wilson

Oceania 2015

Matthew Bolton is 2015 Oceania Billiard Champion.


TV3 interview re Tokyo Snooker on Olympic Games featuring Matt Bolton and Wayne Carey.

Here are two parts of the final between Matt and Joe Minici, courtesy of Matt Edwards of Excellence Billiards. Matt gets several centuries with his tournament high of 357. These are good quality with commentary.

DVDs available


Roy Bacon has accumulated a set of matches he recorded (in HD). These are available for sale at only £10 for a two-hour recording and £12- £15 for anything longer.

These matches include such greats as Mike Russell’s 740 against Matt Bolton in 2012 plus many others.

All recordings now have full commentary, intermittent on screen scores and improved packaging.

Contact Roy (via the Contact Us page) for the latest catalogue.