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For all results after season 2008/09 please refer to our results site where you can find all details of the tournaments, including players, breaks, groups, etc.

WTC Results (2014)

These are the individual match results for the World Team Championship which was held in Glasgow in August 2014. More details can be found here.


India AAlok Kumar636214Jamie JenkinsScotland C
India ASourav Kothari748130Roy SmithScotland C
India ASourav Kothari782102Roy BaconScotland C
India ADhruv Sitwala621102Roy SmithScotland C
India AAlok Kumar449215Jim BurkeScotland C
India AB. Bhaskar72183Jamie JenkinsScotland C
India AB. Bhaskar703122Roy BaconScotland C
India ASourav Kothari76651Jim BurkeScotland C
India AB. Bhaskar550118Roy SmithScotland C
India AAlok Kumar710249Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
India AB. Bhaskar66794John KehoeRep of Ireland
India ASourav Kothari76787John HehoeRep of Ireland
India ASourav Kothari603182Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
India ADhruv Sitwala375240Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
India AAlok Kumar610183John KehoeRep of Ireland
India AB. Bhaskar484282Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
India ADhruv Sitwala493178Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
India AAlok Kumar654259Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Smith134442Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
Scotland CJamie Jenkins269215Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Bacon184423Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Smith220209Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
Scotland CJim Burke160346Wayne DoyleRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Smith217277John KehoeRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Bacon200262John KehoeRep of Ireland
Scotland CJamie Jenkins186215John KehoeRep of Ireland
Scotland CRoy Bacon190222Larry DrennanRep of Ireland
India BDev Joshi697158Hugh EldenScotland A
India BRupesh Shah574218Dave SneddonScotland A
India BRupesh Shah82442Dougie MelroseScotland A
India BPankaj Advani593213Dave SneddonScotland A
India BPankaj Advani786169Hugh EldonScotland A
India BDevendra Joshi562162Dougie MelroseScotland A
India BPankaj Advani90080Ian KennedyScotland A
India BAshok Shandilya687214Dave SneddonScotland A
India BRupesh Shah585164Hugh EldenScotland A
India BDevendra Joshi655151John BlairScotland D
India BAshok Shandilya472136Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
India BPankaj Advani875120Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
India BAshok Shandilya67694John BlairScotland D
India BRupesh Shah74962Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
India BRupesh Shah80054Bruce DuncanScotland D
India BPankaj Advani78587Bruce DuncanScotland D
India BDevendra Joshi77084Bruce DuncanScotland D
India BPankaj Advani632174John BlairScotland D
Scotland AIan Kennedy184115Bruce DuncanScotland D
Scotland AHugh Elden354179John BlairScotland D
Scotland ADave Sneddon490122Bruce DuncanScotland D
Scotland ADave Sneddon474170John BlairScotland D
Scotland AHugh Eldon382203Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
Scotland ADougie Melrose196204Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
Scotland AHugh Elden320177Bruce DuncanScotland D
Scotland AIan Kennedy182255John BlairScotland D
Scotland ADave Sneddon475166Jimmy MalcolmScotland D
England ARob Hall467154C.W. SteinerAustria
England APhil Mumford700154Manfred RaidlAustria
England ARob Hall551180Martin SchmidtAustria
England APhil Mumford526174CW SteinerAustria
England ARob Hall672105Manfred RaidlAustria
England AAaron Davies285182CW SteinerAustria
England AChris Taylor357184Martin ScmidtAustria
England APhil Mumford348298Martin SchmidtAustria
England AAaron Davies429123Manfred RaidlrAustria
England AAaron Davies315160Tommy McFarlaneScotland B
England AChris Taylor348256Stevie AngusScotland B
England AChris Taylor329143Alan ShepherdScotland B
England APhil Mumford473224Paul WhelanScotland B
England ARob Hall342173Tommy McFarlaneScotland B
England AChris Taylor321243Tommy McFarlaneScotland B
England AAaron Davies441173Stevie AngusScotland B
England APhil Mumford600242Stevie AngusScotland B
England ARob Hall76544Alan ShepherdScotland B
Austria _Manfred Raidl172301Tommy McFarlaneScotland B
Austria _CW Steiner303155Alan ShepherdScotland B
Austria _CW Steiner138465Paul WhelanScotland B
Austria _Martin Schmidt236204Alan ShepherdScotland B
Austria _Manfred Raidl137435Paul WhelanScotland B
Austria _Martin Schmidt354166Stevie AngusScotland B
Austria _Martin Schmidt332222Paul WhelanScotland B
Austria _Manfred Raidl119227Alan ShepherdScotland B
Austria _CW Steiner117271Tommy McFarlaneScotland B

2008 – 2009

9/10-Jun-2009European OpenSportcentrum De Pollepel, Duffel, Belgium
15/16-May-2009Jersey OpenFirst Tower Billiards & Snooker, St.Helier, Jersey
10/11-Apr-2009Irish OpenIvy Rooms Club, Carlow, Republic of Ireland
28/29-Jan-2009Welsh OpenWorld Snooker Centre, Prestatyn, North Wales
24/25-Jan-2009Polish OpenFuga Mundi Snooker & Billiards, Wroclaw, Poland
6/7-Nov-2008Austrian OpenBillardcafe, Vienna, Austria
25/26-Oct-2008English OpenRileys, Lincoln, England
27/28-Sep-2008Scottish OpenCraigpark Masters Snooker Club, Glasgow, Scotland

2007 – 2008

23/25-May-2008Jersey OpenFirst Tower Billiards & Snooker, St.Helier, Jersey
26/27-Apr-2008Welsh Open  World Snooker Centre, Prestatyn, North Wales
21/23-Mar-2008Irish OpenIvy Rooms, Carlow, Republic of Ireland