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About Us

World Billiards Limited
is the new trading name of EBOS, English-Billiards Open Series. It is registered in England and Wales as a Private Limited Company limited by shares, company number 07865373.
EBOS was formed in 2004 by Phil Mumford, Phillip Welham, Roxton Chapman, Peter Ainsworth, Paul Dunning, Jim Leacy and the late Andrew Grice to provide an open circuit for players of all abilities and nationalities to play against one another in meaningful competition. In the years since inception the organisation has paid out over ÂŁ100,000 and seen breaks in excess of 1000; the series provides opportunities for club players to watch and play modern greats of the game.
The organisation has changed over time but the mission statement remains the same:
To foster the development and participation in the game of English Billiards by way of open entry thus providing a platform for all players.

We have a reputation for running well organised tournaments, rewarding excellence and encouraging all players to improve and enjoy the game of English Billiards. This will continue under the new banner of World Billiards Limited, and improve with increased revenue and recognition from the World governing body, the WPBSA and also the IBSF.


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