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Jack Mclaughlin

Jack was Northern Irish Amateur snooker champion in 1983 and 1984. In 1984 he turned professional and became Irish Professional champion in 1989 beating Dennis Taylor 9-4 in the final. His highest competitive break is 145 and has had three maximum breaks in practice. In Billiards, Jack’s highest break in competition is 176 and 242 in practice.

Jack started playing billiards in 2011 following a call from the N.I. team manager asking him to play for the seniors team against England in Derby.
I turned up but I couldn’t make a 20 break. I decided that I wanted to do better and continued to try to learn about the game.

He has reached the semi finals of 2 EABA ranking tournaments and the final of the UK seniors event in 2014.

My cue is nothing special – I picked it up from a rack of cues in a friend’s house. It has clearly had some surgery over the years and the make is unknown to me. I prefer an Elk master tip.

Away from billiards I am the governor of the largest prison in England with a population of 1600 men. I really enjoy my work and at times I find competing at billiards far more stressful than my job. It is a hugely frustrating game at times.

Jack plays golf regularly with his wife Lynne and concedes that he too often finishes second.

I enjoy holidays with Lynne and following encouragement from Branson Hoole, we have enjoyed 3 cruises. More to come we hope.