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Mark & Connie Stellinga

How I wish I could still play well enough to participate in tournaments. I’d always been only a pocket billiards player, and my days as true contender were short lived as I was unable to travel to compete due to financial constraints. Freshly married and then quickly becoming a father kept me from competing outside the area in which we lived. Other than for once finishing second due to my scratching after dropping the winning shot. I did win every competition I ever entered, including collegiate, city, state and sanctioned national venues when they were held in or near our area. Like Brando said, “I could have been a contender.” :-)

Taking a shot in the dark, my reason for joining your site is to hopefully establish contact with one or two other avid billiard collectibles enthusiasts, such as Roger Davies (?). My wife, Connie, and I wrote the book called, “Pool & Billiard Collectibles.” I’m currently working to gather enough information on the evolution of the billiard cue to write a small book on the subject. We have a sizeable collection of pre-1900 cues, and recently completed revamping an 1880s wall unit display case in which to house it. We’re looking to add a few more (preferably pre-1900) trophy-quality and marquetry examples to our collection. Over the past few years we have privately disposed of approximately 1,200 early cues, most of which were highly collectible duplicates. We have very few duplicates left, but will likely sell them as well to help us afford the type that I mentioned we’re now hunting for. We need about 20 more “special” early cues to finish filling the 180-cue display case. One of our most prized possession is the world championship trophy cue, heavily adorned with extraordinary marquetry, that was last won by Claude Falkiner in Australia in 1934.
We have pieces that date back to the 1500 and 1600’s, with which to compose a somewhat comprehensive manuscript depicting the evolution of the cue, but are looking to purchase a few more before we attempt it. Of course, even high quality images of meaningful 15th to 19th century mace and cue examples would be a great help to my project.
Admittedly, I’m not your typical applicant, but thanks for your hospitable opportunity nevertheless. I was merely guessing that I might find a few fellas with spirits kindred to ours within your organization.

FYI – I’m 65, and we live in Tiffin, Iowa. In addition to our BIG book on billiard collectibles, I’ve written 21 other books.

Here are our 2 sites –
Writer of Books
Billiard Antiques

BTW – Our collectibles book, signed by us, is available at both of these sites, as well as on ebay – (search billiardcues)
Mark & Connie Stellinga