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14 Aug 2015

Friday Flyer: Winn for Arthur

Our first Friday Night Flyer was won by Arthur Winn, who defeated Roxton Chapman in the final at the Northern Snooker Centre tonight.

We are planning to introduce some Friday Night Flyer competitions at certain events where it is agreeable with the venue. These will take place on the evening prior to the main tournament and will obviously be aimed at those players who travel to events the day before play starts. The format will be straight KO, single game 150up and £5/£10 entry fee. All entry fees will be paid out in prize money with a 70%/30% winner/runner up split and will be paid cash on the night.

This will be quite informal and mainly a bit of fun for players at a loose end prior to the main tournament. There will be no seeding, no referees, no dress code, no levy, no handicaps, no trophies and no ranking points. We may at some point use these flyers to try out new rules or different formats; watch this space!

The first of these Friday Flyers will take place prior to the LITEtask UK Open at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds this month. Brendan Devlin from Ireland has volunteered his services to run this competition and if you wish to participate you will need to register with Brendan at the venue by 8pm on Friday ready for an 8:30pm start.