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22 Jun 2015

World Ladies Billiards Champions


YearAssocWinnerRunner UpScore
1931WBSAJoyce Gardner
1932WBSAJoyce Gardner
1933WBSAJoyce Gardner
1934WBSARuth Harrison
1935WBSAJoyce Gardner
1936WBSAJoyce Gardner
1937WBSAJoyce Gardner
1938WBSAJoyce Gardner
1939WBSARuth Harrison
1940WBSAThelma Carpenter
1941-48[No Contest]
1949WBSAThelma Carpenter
1950WBSAThelma Carpenter



1931WBSARuth Harrison
1932WBSAThelma Carpenter
1933WBSAThelma Carpenter
1934WBSAThelma Carpenter
1935WBSAVera Seals
1936WBSAVera Seals
1937WBSAGrace Phillips
1938WBSAV McDougall
1939WBSAV McDougall
1940[No Contest]
1941[No Contest]
1942[No Contest]
1943[No Contest]
1944[No Contest]
1945[No Contest]
1946[No Contest]
1947WBSASadie Isaacs
1948WBSAE Morland Smith
1949WBSAM Keeton
1950WBSAHelen Futo
1951[No Contest]
1952WBSAE Morland Smith
1953WBSAE Morland Smith
1954WBSAHelen Futo
1955WBSAMaureen Barrett
1956WBSAMaureen Barrett
1957[No Contest]
1958[No Contest]
1959WBSAMuriel Hazeldine
1960WBSAMaureen Barrett
1961[No Contest]
1962WBSADorothea Hindmarch
1963WBSASadie Isaacs
1964WBSAMaureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1965WBSAVera Youle
1966WBSAMaureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1967WBSADorothea Hindmarch
1968WBSAMaureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1969WBSADorothea Hindmarch
1970WBSAVera Selby
1971WBSAVera Selby
1972WBSAVera Selby
1973WBSAVera Selby
1974WBSAVera Selby
1975[No Contest]
1976WBSAVera Selby
1977WBSAVera Selby
1978WBSAVera Selby
1979WBSAMaureen Baynton (Née Barrett)
1980[No Contest]
1981[No Contest]
1982[No Contest]
1983[No Contest]
1984[No Contest]
1985[No Contest]
1986[No Contest]
1987[No Contest]
1988[No Contest]
1989[No Contest]
1990[No Contest]
1991[No Contest]
1992[No Contest]
1993[No Contest]
1994[No Contest]
1995[No Contest]
1996[No Contest]
1997[No Contest]
1998WLBSAKaren CorrEmma Bonney403-219
1999WLBSAKaren CorrKelly Fisher354-276
2000WLBSAEmma BonneyCaroline Walch218-50
2001WLBSAKelly FisherEmma Bonney290-219
2002WLBSAEmma BonneyKelly Fisher227-196
2003WLBSAKelly FisherEmma Bonney299-155
2004[No Contest]
2005WLBSAAnuja ThakurLynette Horsburgh243-136
2006WLBSAChitra MagimairajEmma Bonney193-164
2007WLBSAChitra MagimairajEmma Bonney187-148
2008WLBSAEmma BonneyEva Palmius216-119
2009WLBSAEmma BonneyChitra Magimairaj272-118
2010WLBSAEmma BonneyChitra Magimairaj269-220
2011WLBSAEmma BonneyTina Owen-Sevilton202-181
2012WLBSARevanna UmadeviEmma Bonney201-143
2013WLBSAEmma BonneyEva Palmius329-207
2014AprWLBSAEmma BonneyRevanna Umadevi226-209
2014OctWLBSAEmma BonneyRevanna Umadevi237-191
2015WLBSAEmma BonneyRochy Woods334-119
2016WLBSEmma BonneyRevanna Umadevi239-169
2017WLBSEmma BonneyEva Palmius295-185

In the 1937 World Professional Championship, Ruth Harrison recorded a break of 197, a competitive world record for ladies billiards which still stands today.