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30 Sep 2014

2014 World Championship Qualification Criteria

The qualification criteria for the 2014 World Championship will be as follows;

A Defending Champion(s) [David Causier / Peter Gilchrist]
B Oceania Champion [Matthew Bolton]
C Asian Champion [Sourav Kothari]
D Ladies World Champion [Emma Bonney]
E All previous World Billiards Champions (WPBSA / IBSF / WBL)
F 4 Nominations from each NGB + 1 Junior + 1 Lady Player (Host NGB gets 8 Nominations +1 +1)
G 16 players from the final 2013/14 WBL Order of Merit
H A minimum of 4 Qualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament


  • Spots are generally awarded in chronological order, ie the order in which they are won. This is done in case a player wins multiple spots. For example, if the same player had won the World Championship and then the Asian Championship that player would get the World Champion spot (as this was won first) and the Asian spot would go to the runner up in the Asian Championship.
  • The 16 players from the WBL Order of Merit (G) will be players who have not already qualified from A-F (see below).
  • The number of players taken from the Qualification Tournament will depend on the number required to make all groups in the main events equal, however a minimum of 4 players will qualify.
  • The Qualification Tournament will be open to all players who feature on the 2013/14 WBL Order of Merit and any players who are members of, and supported by an NGB.
  • Defending champions will be seeded number 1 in each competition, subsequent seeding will be based on the WBL Ranking List as at 31st August 2014.


WBL Top 16
Below is a guide list of who will be nominated as part of the WBL allocation of 16 players. Where the qualification route is already known it is stated next to the player. Where it is not yet known it is listed as ‘WBL #’. Should any of these 16 players subsequently be nominated by their country as part of the NGB allocation, or decline their invitation, we will go down the list accordingly.

Players in BOLD below have either already entered, or indicated they will be entering.

Country Player Qualification Route
1 England David Causier World Champion
2 Singapore Peter Gilchrist World Champion
3 England Robert Hall WBL 1
4 Australia Matthew Bolton Oceania Champion
5 England Phil Mumford NGB [England]
6 India Alok Kumar WBL 2
7 England Chris Taylor NGB [England]
8 England Martin Goodwill Declined
9 India Dhruv Sitwala WBL 3
10 India Rupesh Shah Ex World Champion
11 India Ashok Shandilya Ex World Champion
12 India Devendra Joshi WBL 4
13 England Phil Davis WBL 5
14 England Ian Williamson WBL 6
15 India Balachandra Bhaskar WBL 7
16 England Jamie Barker WBL 8
17 India Sourav Kothari Asian Champion
18 England Nalin Patel WBL 9
19 Australia Michael Pearson Declined
20 India Geet Sethi Declined
21 India Siddharth Parikh WBL 10
22 India Dhvaj Haria WBL 11
23 England Arthur Winn WBL 12
24 England Jonathan Marwood WBL 13
25 India Arun Agrawal WBL 14
26 Rep. of Ireland Wayne Doyle NGB [Ireland]
27 England Peter Shelley Declined
28 England Steve Brookshaw WBL 15
29 France Akhilesh Mohan NGB [France]
30 England Eddie Fielding WBL 16
31 India Subramanian Venkateswaran NGB [India]
32 Australia Neil Bolton NGB [Australia]
33 Austria Carl Walter Steiner NGB [Austria]
34 India Raj Kumar NGB [India]
35 India Aditya Agrawal NGB [India]
36 England Stephen Kershaw
37 Scotland Roy Bacon
38 Vietnam Long Nguyen Thanh
39 Vietnam Binh Nguyen Thanh
40 India Jaiveer Dhingra NGB [India]
41 England Peter Atkinson
42 Rep. of Ireland Aidan Murray NGB [Ireland]
43 Australia Grant Meadley
44 New Zealand Terence Wayne Carey
45 India Sushrut Pandia
46 Vietnam Kien Nguyen Trung
47 Vietnam Nam Pham Hoai
48 Qatar Mike Russell
49 England Gary Norman
50 England Robin Wilson