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15 Feb 2014

2014 Irish Open

1000 break

1000 break people


The Irish Open was held at the Ivy Rooms in Carlow on 15th & 16th February, organised in partnership with the Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association.

Peter Gilchrist (World Long-up Champion) defeated Dave Causier (World Short Format Champion) in the final. The score was 700 – 322.

Peter Gilchrist compiled a 1000 break in his quarter final match with Christian Kirk. This magnificent feat wins him the £1500 bonus prize from our sponsors MyWebSport.

Click here for a clip of the historic break.

This is the first 1000 break in the history of EBOS & WBL and is only the 5th 1000+ break made in competition in the modern era. This follows Michael Ferreira (1149), Geet Sethi (1276), Mike Russell (1137) and Peter himself (1346). 



Click here to get the full tournament results.