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Jon Miller

I started playing pool at age of 11 at the Village Inn Bowl & Cue, a local pool/bowling center in Winnipeg, MB. Played a lot of eight ball, nine ball and mushroom pool.

I took up the game of snooker while I was living in Toronto at Silver Tip Billiards. When I returned to Winnipeg I ran into an old friend who was a member of the Anavets Assiniboia Unit # 283 (ANAF283) and he asked me to join the snooker league. Well 17 years later still playing at same club.

Approx 6 years ago I became interested in English Billiards and now I am in my second year as President of the Winnipeg Veteran’s English Billiards League. I  currently have a handicap of -75.

I am using a Ray Reardon Signature cue I bought over 30 years ago, 9.5mm Elkmaster tip.

I have been married over 20 years with 2 children and have been at the same company for over 20 years as a buyer of automotive parts. I enjoy playing Snooker, English Billiards and darts.

In my spare time I am in the Anavets Assiniboia Unit #283 Color party,  carrying flags for general meetings, funerals and various parades.