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Shane Bartelette

I started playing at the age of 12. My father would take me, once every couple of weeks to the neighbourhood pool hall called “Guys & Dolls”. He would stand over me, to show proper stance, how to bridge and stroke the cue. To this day the only thing I do left handed is play pool. That I would have to attribute to dear old dad being left handed.

I didn’t play for a number of years, until I was in a motorcycle accident in 1988.

I dropped by the Norwood Legion one day, where a few guys were playing this weird 3 ball game. I grabbed a cue and hobbled around the table in my knee high cast. From that day on all I wanted to play was English Billiards.

I have won numerous individual and team championships. The achievement I’m most proud of is to be the ONLY player in the Veterans English Billiard League history to win the prestigious Harry Lockwood and Neil Bardal trophies in the same billiard season.

My personal best billiard run is 107 in league play and as a recreational snooker player my best is 86. The cue I use is a 30 year old 18 oz. Brunswick Black Diamond (that I paid $25.00 cdn.) with a 10 mm. Elkmaster 2 tip. This past season was so-so, considering I broke my left wrist in another motorcycle accident in May of 2012.

The 4 loves of my life are my beautiful granddaughter Vienna, my daughter Stephanie, my wonderful wife Wilma and last but not least Maxine our 12 year old Heinz 57 pooch.

In 10 years I have progressed from working in a Pro Shop, sharpening hockey skates, selling hockey sticks, tape, laces, etc. to operating Zamboni and Olympia ice resurfacing machines, to now being an Operations Supervisor at the City of Winnipeg’s premier arena complex, the True North MTS Iceplex.