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Grant Thiessen

I started playing snooker as a teenager, then quit for 15 years while raising our two
children, shortly after running my first century.
A chance radio commercial for a snooker tournament got me back into playing again at
age 45.
I placed third in the Canadian Senior Snooker Championship in 2007, managing to lose
both the A- and B-side finals in full games in this double-knockout tournament.

I discovered billiards 13 years ago, at age 53, and play in the Veterans English
Billiards League in Winnipeg Canada, as Captain of one of the teams.
My highest break in the league has been an 83 (this year). My biggest accomplishment in
the league was winning the Bardal Handicap Tournament 2 consecutive years
(only 3 other players have ever won it in consecutive years).

In my other life, I sell old books online (bookitinc), but will be retiring this
year, hopefully to spend more time at billiards.
I have used a Trophy maple cue for some years, but a couple of years ago I
had Peradon build me a custom ash cue, and I now alternate them for a few months
at a time each. The Trophy has an 11 mm tip, the Peradon a 10 mm. Both are 20 ounce,
and I prefer Elkmaster tips.