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23 Apr 2013

Ranking Points

As we announced a few months ago, the Ranking Points system has been modified. Basically, this is just a facelift since the main change is that all old points values have been multiplied by 100 and the decimal places dropped.

The post explaining how ranking points are distributed has been updated. Click here.

This gives us a greater degree of precision – see the main Ranking Lists below for the past two years. These do show the full values to two decimal places – this is the only time you should see this level of detail.

Season 2012/13
Season 2011/12

 The Order of Merit page has been tidied up and is a bit more readable. No decimal places are shown.

Season 2012/13
Season 2011/12 

To see the points earned by each player at an event, just select the tournament you’re interested in and View Players from the main menu. For example :-

2012 World Championship (timed)

Note that while you’re looking at this Player List, you can just click on a player to see the results of all his matches.