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Graham McArdle


Born in 1960, and married to Louisa Graham has two children.
He started frequenting snooker clubs from the age of 14,
later becoming the manager of Bury Snooker Club and has worked
there from 1977 to the present day.
Graham picked up his cue again  (after a long lay off)  when
ex snooker pro' Jack McLaughlin came to the club
practicing billiards.
They put a team in the local league and ended up
2012/13 season champions.

Graham says he loves billiards and is learning slowly and has had a couple of
fifty breaks.
His cue is what you might call a Heinz variety hybrid ! It started as an old
Eureka cue but as a teenager he messed with it so much that it needed a new
shaft so it is two different cues put together now (quite a mess really)!
Graham entered the March 2013 Manchester English Billiards Social Series event
and qualified to the last sixteen.
The one thing he and all in his club team have noticed is the gentlemanly spirit
in which the game of billiards is played. They have met some extremely
pleasant people while visiting other clubs,
people with a real passion for the game, and true sportsmanship.
Certainly everyone he has met has gone out of their way to help him
and he hopes to pass on a little of that help, knowledge and spirit for the game in time.

Cue 17oz , 10mm , usually Elk Master tip , though Graham is looking forward to acquiring
a John Parris cue soon.
Other interests, playing guitar and going to the theatre.