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Alan Shepherd

Alan Shepherd

Alan Shepherd

Alan qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach in September 2016 and can be contacted here.

Alan (wrong side) Shepherd was born in Aberdeen in 1961 but has mainly lived in Fife. He is married to a very understanding and very busy lady, Dot, who puts up with life around Alan’s billiards (appreciated dear!)

Alan played snooker until finding the real gentleman’s game of Billiards 4 years ago, and now plays little if any snooker.  Fortunately he joined the EICA Billiard League in Edinburgh, where his learning and appreciation of the game really commenced. From a humble beginning, and learning from playing much better players, he has taken part, and has been individually and as part of the league team, successful in many local events.

Outside Billiards, Alan has been a Quantity Surveyor in the Construction Industry for 35 years.

One of his main passions and focuses at work is developing and training the Quantity Surveying Apprentices and Trainees of the future.

Similarly he would love to see young players coming into Billiards, to dispel the perception that it is an “old man’s game”. Unfortunately in this current climate and electronic age, it appears to be an uphill struggle, as we all know too well.

Qualified as a Snooker refereree class 2 and Billiard class 1.

Alan plays with a Frank Callan split cue with 10mm Blue Diamond tip, and according to his peers, has a touch like an elephant !!

Highest Match break 72
Highest Practice break 97

Other hobbies – Motorbikes, fly fishing, holidays