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27 Oct 2012

World Championships – 27-Oct-2012

Point Format

Rupesh wins second world title of his career

L-R: Steve Lock, Rupesh Shah (Winner), Jim Leacy, Clive Scott and Steve Starkie


Rupesh Shah with Winner’s Trophy (Point Format)

Rupesh Shah becomes the fifth Indian to lift world title twice. He did this by defeating Australian player Matthew Bolton 6-2 in the final of World Billiards 2012 (point frame) been played tonight here at Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds, England.

Though Rupesh lost the first game after winning the lag but after that he had no big difficulty in gaining 2-1 lead over Bolton. Later Bolton again leveled the match 2-all.

Fifth game was the turning point in this match where Bolton failed to clinch the game when he missed cannon on 148 and Rupesh settled the score 3-2 in his favour.

The next game, Rupesh made unfinished break to advance the lead and after that he had no big difficulty till the last moments of 8th game where he missed match winning red-pot. Bolton from there made a break of 83 points and went out of position on a score of 105. Rupesh played safe and Bolton attempted a long red pot but instead of that he got a lucky in-off. He further attempted short jenny on but this time he was got no luck and gave a chance of pot to Rupesh which he converted into his match winning shot.

Worth mentioning Rupesh had defeated big guns like Mike Russell (in Quarter), Peter Gilchrist (in Semi) now Matthew Bolton in the final to claim this world title.

Tomorrow there will be final of World Billiards 2012 (timed event) between defending champion Mike Russell (Qatar) and 7 times world champion Pankaj Advani from India.

Time Format

Pankaj Advani set stage with Mike Russell for the timed event final.

Pankaj Advani

Pankaj Advani

Former world champion, Pankaj Advani knocked out his compatriot Dhruv Sitwala in the semi final and confirmed his entry in the final of world billiards against defending champion Mike Russell (Qatar) to be played tomorrow at Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds, England.

Pankaj made a good start in the first session held this afternoon and with the help of three breaks of 167, 205 and 257, he built a lead of 600 points by the session break. Dhruv couldn’t do anything except an attempted century break that ended on 86 when he lost position.

In the second session Pankaj kept enhancing his lead using small breaks of 52, 71, 69 and 71. He knew as long as he kept rotating the strike, it would be difficult for Dhruv to recover that 600 points margin and the same happened as Dhruv had nothing much to do despite having breaks of 57, 52, 52, 56, 96, 56, 57 and 91. Finally Advani won the match by 514 points.

Mike Russell

Earlier, almost the same story was unfolding in the other semi final match between Mike Russell (Qatar) and Matthew Bolton (Australia).

Matthew made a good start with a break of 114 but got an instant reply from Mike in the form of a mammoth break of 740. That 740 break ended when he attempted a cannon on out of position balls. Though the break of 740 points from Mike was a disaster for Bolton, he fought back bravely and replied with a break of 236 unfinished to recover a little before moving on the session break.

In the second session he continued on the break of 236 but that didn’t last long and ended after an addition of 28 points. After that he had few good breaks including a century but Mike enhanced his lead by scoring breaks of 156 and 384 points. Matthew again made a few good breaks but couldn’t succeed and had to bow down to king of billiards.