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Danny O’Driscoll

Danny O’Driscoll

 Danny O’Driscoll from Portsmouth is an all round cuesports player.

 I first started playing Pool for my local league and over the course of 12 years won 58 Pool Tournaments. I spent a year in Florida playing 9 ball Pool  in the APA League and won 8 Challenge matches against players from all over America,

While in Florida I hooked up with a guy who taught me how to play Artistic Pool Exhibition shots and I have them posted on Youtube.

I had to give up playing competitive Pool as I joined the Merchant Navy as a Steward where I spent the next 27 years, 8 of those working on the QE2. 

When I left the Merchant Navy 2 years ago I took up playing Snooker and after a few months signed on for one of the local Snooker teams. Over the next 14 months I played on the Cuestars South of England Seniors Snooker Tour and finished ranked in the top 16 in 14th place in my first year.

Last October I was Runner up in the DSE National Snooker Championships in Manchester. During the National Championships I won the Paul Hunter 60 second Challenge Trophy and Gold Medal. I won an open Snooker Series plate competition and earlier this year won the Bronze medal in the DSE regional snooker championships in Reading.

Last Summer when the Snooker season had finished someone in my Snooker Club said the Billiards team were looking for a couple of players and asked if I would like to play. I explained I had never ever played Billiards but after a brief run through of the rules I gave him a game. 

From that moment I fell in love with the game and I signed for the Billiards team. During the Billiards League season which only lasts four and a half months I reached the QTR Finals of the Scratch and Handicap Singles Billiards Competitions in the Portsmouth league.

I am giving up playing Snooker because I am in love with the game of Billiards.
I have passed the Basic Billiards Phase exam and willgo on to take the Advanced exam. I play Billiards for two hours a day now and four hours on Saturday and Sunday as well as my League match and in time I am determined to become a respected Billiards player.

My highest Snooker break is 72 and 51 in Billiards. I use a John Parris Elite snooker cue with a 10mm Talisman Pro.