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Eva Palmius

 I love billiards, having discovered the game when watching my son Chris receiving some coaching as a junior. Already playing snooker regularly, I decided to try billiards as well and have played since in the Cambridge and District League.

I prefer billiards to snooker now!  Still very much a beginner (highest break 51), I try to improve my game by watching good players and browsing coaching information on the internet.

I am very lucky to have a table at home in a rustic log cabin at the end of the garden where I can practice. Often, I have been told that I am over analysing my own game, getting bogged down in detail. Maybe my degree in Psychology has something to do with it.

My cue is a Will Hunt with an ordinary Blue Diamond tip.

I live with my partner Philip in a small village, enjoying cooking, gardening and growing our own vegetables. Being a great believer in self-sufficiency we have recently acquired a few hens to keep us in fresh eggs.