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Cameron Rowe

Cameron is a 20 year old who absolutely loves billiards,  although he has only been playing for a year he can proudly say hes danced with the best in New Zealand.

He had a narrow loss to the New Zealand number 2 and was leading against New Zealand Number 1 Gary Oliver until he put his foot down and made a 214 break to take the lead and win the game.

Cameron is just learning the game but aspires to be New Zealand champion and take on the world.

He uses a “Whiplash Billiards” Custom Cue which he endorses himself. It has a 10mm Elkmaster tip with a brass ferrule. 
The cue is 58 inches long and weighs 16.5 oz. it has a Canadian hard maple shaft, rose wood & large thuya burr butt with white veneer.

Cameron has no titles yet but has a victory against the New Zealand under 21 billiard champion.

His highest break is 35.