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29 Mar 2012


Following some discussions at the recent Austrian Open event in Vienna, World Billiards Ltd is now in a position to clarify the following:

  • The Indian event provisionally calendared for April 28th – May 4th will not now take place this season. We hope to be in a position to schedule an event in India during the 2012/13 season.

  • The English Open will take place at Pot Black Sports Bar in Bury St Edmunds on 19th & 20th May.
    This event will be organised in association with the EASB. Online entry will open shortly.

  • The joint WBL/IBSF 2012 World Billiards Championship will take place at The Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds during October, dates TBC.
    – There will be two formats played – 150 up and Long.
    – A single entry fee will be charged and will cover entry to both formats.
    – It will be a condition of entry that all players stay in the officially appointed hotel (this obviously doesn’t apply to players who live in the area). The reason for this is so that we can negotiate a block booking thus getting a better rate for all players and also rooms for officials.
    – The criteria for entry will be as follows:
      1. Defending champion(s) – Mike Russell
      2. European Champion – Billy Bousfield
      3. Oceania Champion – Matthew Bolton
      4. Asian Champion – Pankaj Advani
      5. Top 24 from the final 2011/12 World Billiards Order of Merit
      6. 4 (maximum) Nominations from each National Governing Body
      7. 4 Qualifiers from a 1 day Qualification Tournament**

– The Qualification Tournament will be open to any players who have not qualified via any of the above criteria, providing either they are members of, and sanctioned by their NGB, or have played at least 1 World Billiards ranking event during the 2011/12 season.The full program of events is still being worked on, but will likely feature a total of 5 events:

        1. Qualification Tournament
        2. Jim Williamson Memorial EBOS World Open (+ Plate event)
        3. 150up World Championship
        4. Long Format World Championship
        5. Northern Snooker Centre Open

Further details will be released as they are confirmed.

  • Next Season
    A number of options are under consideration for next season, including:
    • A tiered playing format and ranking point structure, linked to prize money on offer at each event.
    • 4 ‘Major’ worldwide events with significant prize money, providing a ‘Grand Slam’ of different playing formats, supplemented by a number of self funding EBOS style ranking events.

We hope to be able to release more concrete plans and some tournament dates after our next full board meeting in April.