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Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards
Jamie Edwards

I became the first junior from Southern England to win an English Junior Billiards Championship.

Lost twice in the final of the English Under 19 Championship .

I went on to lead England Juniors to a victory away to Ireland as captain.

I made my first competitive match 200+ break against Phil Welham at the age of 17   (apparently becoming the third person to achieve that behind Mike Russel and Chris Shutt), the break was 224.

My highest snooker break is 143 (a few times) and I’m currently the Norwich Open Snooker Champion.

I’m returning to Billiards through some kind words from people who supported me as a junior and I’ve now got the fire in my belly to achieve maybe what I¬†might have done¬†had I stuck with it from junior level.

Let the practice commence!!  I live with my beautiful girlfriend Key who is also a major part in my encouragement back to Billiards.

I won a number of local tournaments as a junior including the Eastern Counties Championship and Norfolk titles .

I’ve also been Norwich Open Billiards Champion on more than one occasion. Phil Welham was a major part of my junior success alongside family support so I owe a lot to him for realising early on my potential. Thanks for the encouragement Phil.

I use a John Parris Regal Cue which has been modified to make it longer and lighter. My tip is 10mm on a 9.5mm ferrule and the tip is an Elk Master – less work to sand down and shape!!!