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Stephen Kershaw

Stephen was born in 1949 and was introduced to Billiards at an early age by his father, making his first appearance in the Bradford & District Sunday School Billiards League at the age of 12 and making his first 30 break in the league a year later.

He became secretary of the league shortly before his 18th birthday – a position he still holds over 40 years later. He currently edits the leagues web site – Bradford Billiards – in a none technical way, which means he concentrates on provision of information rather than presentational style.

Stephen has been Bradford Billiard Champion 3 times in 1980, 2004 and 2007. His highest competitive break, which was made in the Bradford Championship in 1983, is 135.

Outside Billiards, Stephen enjoys watching football at Bradford City and cricket at Headingley, as well as playing a little golf – very badly (honest).

He is a lifelong member of the Methodist Church and thinks it important to be in church on Sunday mornings – so his weekend billiards tends to be restricted mostly to Saturday competitions and those Sunday events willing to accommodate his noon arrival.

I haven’t written anything about my cue because it is unspectacular. I think the important thing is to be comfortable with it and I have only ever used three. The first I bought when aged 10 or 11 for 12 shillings and 6 pence and I used it until it was stolen from my car about 20 years ago. The second – also cheap – split, 5 or 6 years ago and the current one is short – only 55 inches – because space is at a premium at the church where I play and a 55 inch cue means that the walls never get in the way.