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Brian Harvey

I commenced playing billiards at  fourteen and a half years old. (would you believe 60 years ago).  Learned to improve quickly as it was loser pays, I only had 5 shillings pocket money and at ninepence a half hour I could only afford to lose 6 games per week. After playing for only 3 months I won the Xmas Club Handicap. At 15 years old I was in the league, in those days it was all scratch, In the 3 seasons before joining the army I won 49 games out of 60, games were 100 up.

I played cricket and football, billiards and snooker, moved to Somerset at the age of 30, started a nursery and florist business, which left little time for practise, so I played only matches.

My real improvement at billiards came at 49 years of age, when I had my own table and started playing in mini prix events. I watched all the top players and my game improved rapidly. I had good wins over Jack Karnham, Norman Dagley, Geet Sethi, Robbie Foldvari and Peter Gilchrist.  The win over Peter was by far my best match. It was the mini prix final at Huntingdon – a 1 hour match, I was soon 200 behind, then made breaks of 104, 151, 103 and 50 to win by 147. Match score 465 – 318.
Best performance in the English Amateur – semi-final. won several ABC events, also lost a few finals.

Won the Wessex championship on 13 occasions, Won West of England 3 times.
Captain of the Wessex team that won the inter counties. Have made over 4,000 century breaks, 241 doubles and 22 triples.   Highest practise break  390, Highest match break 304. Represented England in the first International in Northern Ireland. Won the Christchurch Open in New Zealand, was in the New Zealand open final 2 years ago.