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Carl Walter Steiner



CW qualified as a WPBSA World Billiards Coach in September 2016 and can be contacted here.

CW, also known as C-J or P-J (© Davey Pogue), has gone through a long career in ultimately all known cue sports.
As most juniors in Upper Austria, where the native New Yorker has grown up, he started playing Pool for fun at 14.

Leaving home for studies in Chemistry at age 18, he came in contact with Carom Billiards, which utterly fascinated him to watch. Elderly honourable Viennese Gentlemen being most proficient in seemingly breaching the laws of Nature and Physical principles ! For the outsider, the old-established Vienna Carambol Billiards scene appeared to be so elitist and aloof he never dared to approach anybody for a game in the beginning.

Continuing to play pool with his buddies, he succeeded more and more often as he acquired the skills to control the cueball and object balls, just by watching and practicing what he had seen and finally being mentored by an elderly Gentleman at his favourite Club – Köö-5.

During the mid-Eighties he first came to see the game of Snooker through the introduction of cable TV. Steve Davis seemed unbeatable at the time only to become dominated by a seventeen-year-old Scot just a couple of years later.

Being fascinated with the accuracy that Professionals were able to achieve on huge tables with comparably tiny undersize balls, he wanted to actively participate in tournaments as soon as the first tables had been installed in Vienna, which must have been around 1988.

He only came across English Billiards from 2003 onwards, where a locally established Vienna Billiards league would have ceased to exist had he not combined with two other newbies (Wolf and Werner) to form a league of six !
Through the initiative of West Norfolk Junior coach and English Amateur Champion Phillip Welham, a mutual friendship and active exchange developed especially with billiards enthusiast and ambassador Andrew Grice, who mainly had set up the fundamentals for billiards in Austria together with Michael Kreuziger, and set a base for participation of an Austrian Team in an International friendly encounter.

The visit to King’s Lynn in 2005 and the staging of the Austrian Open 2006 snowballed into the development of EBOS and thereby influenced the formation of today’s World Billiards Ltd.

CW’s ambition is to finally become Austrian Champion which he missed out by a single point in 2011, and to compile 100+ breaks on a regular basis. He would also love to get a 70-cannon warning in tournament play !

He loves to referee billiards matches, especially between high class players since he considers the referee’s position at the top of the table as the undoubtedly best place for a spectator.

At the IBSF World Championships 2011 in Carlow he was certified EBSA Billiards Referee Class 3.


  • Highest break – 90-unf; highest EBOS break – 53.
  • Austrian Championships Runner-up 2011 and 2007  (time-format).
  • 4x Austrian Champion (Team).
  • 3x Austrian Championship  losing Semifinalist  2005, 2008 & 2009.
  • Winner at the ABL Ranking Tournament, Innsbruck 2011 (points-up).
  • last 16 – EBOS British Open, Newmarket 2008:.
  • last 16 – EBOS Polish Open 2007.
  • Four Nations Billiards Internationalist  2006/07/08/09/10.
  • Nominated for 2011 Four Nations Billiards International (November in Celbridge, Ireland).
  • “Shot of the Tournament” Trophy at 2007 Four Nations, awarded by NIBSA Secretary Davey Pogue.
  • EBOS European Tour 2009/10 – Final ranking 22nd place.

Away from the table Carl is engaged in Medical Basic Research at the University of Vienna.

As written by Carl, further adorned by Jim.