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Tony Keeling

I live at Stafford, 63 years young and single, always have been! Used to be a ‘useful’  footballer so I’m told.
Billiards, highest break 141 in competition but have made a lot of hundreds.

Have won the Stafford Ind Billiards Champs 15 times and been r-up in the Mid Counties Ind 3 times. Did reach the very latter stages of the English Amateur one year, losing (by a million) to David Causier, just before he turned pro, at Middlesbrough; only played in it a couple of times though due to work.

Played in the Mid Counties Billiards League and won the ‘most wins’ and the League several times.

Job – work all hours as a freelance journalist, mainly writing for Angler’s Mail, a weekly national mag. Hence my involvement with angling means that weekends off are very rare or nearly non existent hence I can’t play in competitions nowadays but I follow the game, results etc and play midweek when I can.

I sponsored the English Amateur Junior Championships (both age groups) for several years, – I did this as I could not devote the time to committee meetings and the game as I dearly would have liked to; this was my way of putting something back into it.

I am a life member of the EABA. Have done lots of committee work for both sports, currently President of a large Angling Association — and Chairman!

Love the game but it can at times be awkward, getting involved in two sports!