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Patrick Stegmeier

I started playing billiards five years ago and travelled to some of the EBOS events in Poland, Belgium, Wales and of course England.
My highest match-play break is 72 and my highest at an EBOS-event is 51.
I play for a local Viennese club called the “Art of billiards club” (ABC) and for the Austrian Billiards Team at the Four Nations.
My nickname on the EBOS circuit which I owe to Chris Taylor is “The Steg”. Another one which was given to me by a dear Irish friend and billiards enthusiast Aonghus McAnally, is “the gentleman of billiards” because I saved him from making a foul in a 200-up game when I was on 198 (he was on 186) and he went to cue with my ball.
My biggest achievements are becoming Austrian Billiards Champion in 2011 and participating in the IBSF World Billiards Championships in Carlow in 2011.

I’m playing with a handmade  cue  by Robin Cook, a special fabrication with overlength and a thicker butt-end, with a 9.5mm tip-size, for which I use elkmaster tips, preferring somewhere in the middle between soft and hard, rather soft.
Outside of Billiards I’m a student of musicology and a pop-musician, piano player and singer. My stage name is Patrick David. I’m also very interested in languages, mainly the german language which I began to study a few years ago.