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Phil Davis

Phil (nickname is Philpot) was born 17 April 1953 and is married with twin boys and 3 grandchildren.

He has worked for a  pharmacy company since 1974.  He grows 90 per cent of his familys veg.

Phil uses a  Clover maple shaft cue with a Parris ferrule and butt, it weighs 22.5 oz and is fitted with a Blue Diamond Heart Tip.

Playing career

Phil started playing snooker at the age of 24 in the local league and still plays in a team with friends and his son.
Greatest achievement in Billiards – managed to speed up his game. Phil’s highest EBOS break is 102 and his¬†highest match break is¬†110¬†.
He is also the world’s best tipper of cues, at least that’s what he says.