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Jerry Conba

Jerry is a life long Billiard Player. He first entered the Eng Am in 1968, and has done so ever since with few exceptions down the years.  Winner of two EABA Plates in times gone by, Jerry has a best break in Competition of 101 which he made at Leeds a few years ago.
Once for amusement he ran 73 consecutive pots off the spot, and 233 cannons with the balls jammed into the pocket corner. (he now understands why Tom Reese must have got so bored).
He left Ireland 54 years ago to settle in London, and is married with  two grown up children and 4 Grandchildren.

An Accountant/Financial Analyst by profession, but now retired. He has played Carom Billiards a few times down the years on his travels in Europe, and loved the game.
His personal interests are wrapped around a life long love of ‘Depth Psychology’ ( Hillman. Jung, et al)

Jerry uses a John Parris Challenge cue, now a 3 piece, with a 10mm tip, and a weight of 19 oz.
He has  played Billiards for over 65 years, and has a significant collection of Magazines and books to muse over. He also writes occasional articles (for his own private edification) on how he views the playing of the game.
Attached: Picture is of Jerry as drawn by his Daughter, who was aged 11 at the time.