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John Brownlie

John says “no billiards achievements I’m afraid,” but he is possibly the only player to have his first century recorded for posterity. “I¬†can vouch for that as he was playing me and I had the camera running – Roy Bacon”

John’s best¬†match break at billiards is 99unf and at one time he was ranked in the top 20 in Scotland at Snooker, and currently ranked in top 20 at Pool. He is¬†comfortably in the top 10 at Billiards in Scotland.

He has won various world and European titles at pool and played in the Scotland A team that won the 2011 World Pool Masters.

He uses an 18oz Mike Wooldridge 3/4 maple cue with a 9.5mm tip. “Can’t wait to get rid of it !” he says.

Interests include frisbee throwing, golf and reading. Player would most like to meet E Diggle/M Inmann.

John is a deep thinker about cue sports and has a great knowledge of the history of the games.