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12 Nov 2018

2018/19 Calendar of Events

Dates for 2018/19:

# 2018 Event City, Country Level Status
1 AUG 31-02 IB&SA Illawarra Open Wollongong, Australia 3 Results
2 SEP 04-06 Christchurch Open (Alan Parris Trophy) Christchurch, NZ 1 Results
3 SEP 07-09 NZBSA New Zealand Open Christchurch, NZ 1 Results
OCT 19 World Championship Qualifier Leeds, England Results
4 OCT 20-21 World Open (Jim Williamson Trophy) Leeds, England 3 Results
5 OCT 22-26 World Billiards Championship Leeds, England 5  Results
OCT 25 WLBS World Women’s Championship Leeds, England Results
6 NOV 09-11 QBSA Queensland Open Redcliffe, Australia 2 Results
7 DEC 01-02 British Open Bradford, England 3 Results
8 JAN 26-27 Scottish Open Kirkcaldy, Scotland 4 Confirmed
9 MAR 22-24 Sydney Open Sydney, Australia 4 Confirmed
10 MAR 30-31 English Open Cambridge, England 3 Confirmed
APR 19 World Matchplay Qualifier Leeds, England Confirmed
11 APR 20-21 UK Open Leeds, England 4 Confirmed
12 APR 22-26 World Matchplay Billiards Championship Leeds, England 5  Confirmed
APR 25 World Women’s Matchplay Leeds, England Confirmed
APR 27-28 WPBSA Billiards Coaching Course Leeds, England Confirmed
APR 29 Billiards Coaching Seminar Leeds, England Confirmed
13 MAY 18-19 RIBSA Irish Open Carlow, Ireland 3 Confirmed
14 MAY 20-22 European Open Carlow, Ireland 5 Confirmed
15 MAY 25-26 WVEBL Vimy Ridge Classic Winnipeg, Canada 3 Confirmed
16 MAY 27-31 Pan-Am Cup Winnipeg, Canada 5 Confirmed
17 JUN 11-14 Pacific International * Melbourne, Australia 5 Confirmed
18 JUL 27-28 Welsh Open Cwmbran, Wales 3 Confirmed
19 AUG 09-11 Illawarra Open Australia 3 Confirmed
20 AUG 17-18 NSC Open Leeds, England 2 TBC
2019/20 Season
SEP TBC NZBSA New Zealand Open New Zealand TBC TBC
SEP 28-29 Austrian Open Vienna, Austria TBC Confirmed
OCT TBC World Billiards Championship TBC 5 TBC
NOV TBC Queensland Open Australia TBC TBC
NOV 23-24 British Open TBC 3 TBC

The Pacific International billiards event in Australia is part of a seven day billiards and snooker week. The billiards event is preceded by a three day Australian open snooker tournament, which is open to anyone.

Please note: only when dates are confirmed on this website are they fully confirmed. Please do not book travel or accommodation on the basis of having seen dates for events published elsewhere. If the event ‘Status’ column above is marked as ‘TBC’ then there is a reason.

Dates subject to change. Please check back for further details as they are confirmed.